I never used to be like this, but would wake up anxious, ruled by ‘what ifs’ of the day ahead and what I might do to defend against consequences of the yet unknown. It’s a miracle how things have changed.
For many years since I first realized I’m not in charge, my first waking thoughts are now much less ‘what if?’ and much more ‘maybe today!’ and a hopeful difference in my morning outlook.
I’m not sure exactly when I pivoted from viewing time and unfolding experience as my enemy instead of my comrade and frankly, I don’t wonder much about it anymore because the view is so much better looking down on a heavenly menu of possibilities versus getting up dodging the anxious unknown.
At some divine moment, anxiety turned its ugly head to reveal a friendlier counterpart, anticipation, and my mornings haven’t been the same since.
Looking expectantly to a day’s unexpected revelations sure beats blind strategizing against them as foreboding enemies.
There’s an untapped power in ‘maybe today’ thinking and a good morning is what you make of it. So try plugging into the power of expectancy and today might just be yours for the taking.