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Change their normal.

One in five in your kid’s class today will go to bed hungry tonight.

Thousands of  fixed income elderly  are deciding at this very  moment, if they can afford a second meal today.

Parents will serve their children dinner  and a lie this evening, telling them it’s okay, they already ate.

And someone in your office is googling the nearest food pantry to stop by discreetly on the way home.

None of them are proud of it.

All of them hide it.

But they’re hungry.

These are the facts.

This is their normal.

HopeLink of Southern Nevada wants to change their normal.

For the amount of change in your pockets, we can feed hundreds of hungry people

And take away their shame.

Please go to

And help HopeLink change their normal.

just one

I winced

And grit my teeth

And let the tears roll from my eyes

As I listened to the cries

And was angry.


I thought

And bowed my head

And pondered nothing but everything

As I strained for a whisper

And heard none.


I stood

And called to them all

And begged for their affirming voice

As the echo returned empty

And disgusting.


I looked

And found one soul

And passed him my  filled cup

As he stared through me

And dared a smile.


I knew

And loved them all

And cared for one by one

As they came my way

And I found peace.



If Life Means So Much, then….

Barring any currently hibernating disease or unfortunate future accident, I have decided that I would like to live quite a while longer.

I’m confident that I have a lot left to offer this world before my expiration date.  Surprising to most—including yours truly– this is a new revelation. Not that I have been suicidal or had a secret death wish, I had just arrived at a place in my life where I neither feared death nor the idea of it.  The death part is acceptable, not so much the idea of dying.  I have never been a fan of suffering, but I digress.

However comfortable that revelation was, I have since realized it had stolen my zest and zeal for the long term.  I have always had purpose and drive and known my life has had meaning. That was never missing.  But I have lacked that kernel or spark that comes with a future orientation.  Subsequently, I haven’t paid much attention to taking care of myself—which, apart from genetic destiny, is probably the best predictor of longevity.

So far, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease appear to be genetic markers in my family tree.  And at 54 years old, if these diseases are going to manifest or really blossom into something, I’m about ripe for it to happen.  If I can stave those four horsemen off for even a few years, I’m totally down for it.

So, I think it no coincidence of timing that I should have this revelation at this time in my life.

I have some bad habits involving food, nutrition, exercise and cigarettes.  I realize change is necessary.

So here’s my purpose for this post:

I need to bond with someone who will help develop a plan of attack on all levels.  One that is gradual and comprehensive.   I am willing to empty my refrigerator, freezer and pantry and start over.  I am willing to make time for stretching and exercise and fitness stuff, too.  I am also willing to make a full-on attack against the loaded revolvers I put in my mouth several times a day.

I’m not into being sold on fad diets or buying fitness equipment.  There are many friends who swear by their programs and businesses.  I’m happy for you and don’t doubt your belief in your products.  Frankly, I don’t have the extra money to buy a killer blender or a meal program and maybe not even a gym membership since I have a moderately equipped gym at my complex already.  I really would like to consult with someone who can help put together a practical and reasonable program of personal self improvement which will give my insides a better than even chance, help me lose a small belly and increase my energy and vitality.

In short, I’m looking for someone who thinks it would be a good thing for me to live as long as I am able unless, of course, I’m hit by a bus or succumb to a predetermined, diseased fate.

If Life Means So Much, then I  guess I better live up to my words.

If you think that is you and you are interested in taking me on as a project, I can write an incredible testimonial story and keep a good daily journal along the way.

Email me at



Life, on a bet

More likely than not

today will be just another day

when we wake at different hours

and our redundant routines will

interact creating each other’s daily fate.


More likely than not,

today will be just another day

handing us much of what we want

and some of what we don’t

according to our emerging random mood.


More likely than not

today will be just another day.

through which time slowly passes

a gradual assessment and assigns a label

of good, bad or something equally myopic.


More likely than not

today will be just another day.

which retires our minds, bodies and souls

to tomorrow’s worries

which are, more likely than not,

going to be the same as yesterday’s.


And more likely than not

the day will arrive when we wager the next

on a random hope

that tomorrow is more likely than not.

And we will lose.


And more likely than not,

we will have expired the lesson

that each day is just another

and another, and another

for those with empty dreams and purposes

which inspire them to live like

today is just another day.