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Today is just another day, but I have my suspicions.

A fresh beginning to a new year, a clean page on life’s calendar, a symbolic start to better intentions, clarity in focus, or maybe a simple sentimental morning to contemplate the parade route of your life. A day off work, extra time to wipe slates and imagine how the new year might unfold. Some will wake desperate for aspirin and coffee, football distractions or to clean up wild night messes before sleeping away the day’s remains from which they only recently arrived home.

But I suspect more than a sober few will be thinking deeper thoughts from time to time today. Plans for self-restraint, to be a little nicer, quit a bad habit or start one better. For today’s curious and contemplative minds the options are limitless. So, applause to those making use of this new day as a personal prompt for positive change, at least in thought, if not in deed. It’s a good day for it. Some require an external catalyst like a nodal event or an arbitrary date of a year to be propelled into deeper thoughts and richer inner lives. Shocking or startling, they shake us to our cores begging for change, forcing us once again into the awful truth: We waited for something to force our hand, but also the glorious redemption that the only difference between last year’s regrets and this year’s successes is another day, and how we use it.#LifeMeansSoMuch#LMSM

Community Champions.

Behind the scenes each day, thousands of men and women with hearts too big to contain passion for the forgotten, neglected and those living on the thinnest edge of survival, work in silence.

They toil in creative ways, collaborating with one another to help keep the underserved from drowning in hunger, homelessness and the many quicksands of poverty.

It’s a calling in which few ever considered enlisting but were once recruited through their own experiences, hardships, and indeed, the universe.

We are called to be our brother’s keepers and obey our heart like the very gift of life it is.

And on rare occasion, someone notices, thanks them, and joins in the fight.
If that someone is you, we thank you for heeding a call whose reward, though delayed, is forever and eternal. 

6Susan Pierce, Ronald K Byrnes and 4 others