Why LifeMeansSoMuch?

Musical artist, Chris Rice, wrote and recorded what many years back, I found to be a truly life changing piece. Those who know me best know that it takes quite a bit for me to make that statement. I like music but never pondered a song and its lyrics so intimately as I did when I first heard it and have since many times over. Life Means So Much is on his Smell the Color 9 album and I highly encourage you to download it or at minimum, search for it on YouTube and listen.  It’s there.

I’ve made several searching attempts to reach Chris Rice by email or some other way and have come up empty.  I wanted to tell him of my site and my love for his music.

Truly there is not one song on any of his albums, that even if you took away all the instruments, wouldn’t through the lyrics alone, still sing to you.



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