Monthly Archives: April 2024

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Like you, I’m tempted in a half-dozen ways I could very easily slip up on my convictions and eagerly go down that rabbit hole to self-destruction and certain disaster.

While triggers these days seem smaller, they’re a lot more widespread and plentiful, planted in my purview, hoping I’ll pay them just a brief acknowledgement as I walk through my day during which, given the opportunity, take root.

I start each morning with acknowledgement that I am weak and vulnerable, powerless to the crippling of my good intentions apart from my faith in One who guides me blindfolded through the daily minefields.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” was the Wizard of Oz warning that poignantly illustrated this personal battle for me from a very young age.

You’re susceptible to your own rabbit holes, but you have means of avoiding them if you’ll make it your mission to humbly do so this morning and every morning.

I wish you many victorious successes today and every day. 

not funny at all

As culture wars heat up, society breaks down, and the two camps fortify their positions, it’s harder and harder to find a little humor to lighten the load enough to make it bearable.

Truth is, I’m not sure making things bearable is even a noble goal any longer.

Issues once resolvable are now so poisoned and polarizing there’s no wiggle room for even a little giggle.

And while mirth has been my worth and contribution during decades of battles, I find that today’s kings no longer summon jesters for comic relief, but enlistment in a war of their own making or banishment altogether.

Dreams must count for something.

Dreams must count for something down here because I just visited with my Mom for an afternoon of walking, talking, and a hundred questions about heaven.

It was as tangible and authentic as drinking my coffee on the living room sofa writing this right now.

She left as suddenly as she’d arrived and I woke with a peculiar sense of peace and comfort I can’t fully convey, but I hope it lingers for awhile.

All I can say is as evil as the world has become six years since I last saw her, it is what it is and she was not at all disturbed by it.

I think she wanted to assure me of that and to continue walking in faith.