Monthly Archives: December 2023

No Gifts.

Sent my best friend off to see his family and arrived home to find two large bags of gifts left by him for me. I’d told him and my family months ago that this Christmastime economy means it’s a kids-only affair. Now he’s 30,000 feet in the sky somewhere outside Colorado Springs and I’m left holding the bags.

That awkward mixed feeling of appreciation and anxiety that you didn’t return the gesture happens to most of us at some point once or twice this season. It’s not a contest. And gifts are no measure of your love and care, nor theirs.

My answer is a New Year’s Eve home made prime rib dinner when he returns. So the only remaining shopping I’ve left to do is at the grocery store.

If someone says no gifts, stick to it. When they don’t, just be thankful and abide in the joy that you are loved.

the right thing.

As many stories have been written about someone doing the right thing and losing as there are about someone doing the right thing and winning.

Both are inspiring not because of their outcomes but because of their faithfulness to do the right thing, embracing the outcome as neither the story’s climax, ending, nor purpose.

Doing the right thing is itself, the author of great stories where outcomes are often overrated mostly by those who don’t live by faith, and therein miss its purpose, learning nothing.

First and last.

While some prepare for a first Christmas without that special someone others are preparing for their last Christmas and don’t know it. All are preparing for the birth of a savior who transcends both life and death.

Going without.

From the scarcity of their own pantries, several senior citizens without a dime to spare brought us packs of collected food and cans as their donation back to HopeLink for the holidays.

Those who know what it’s like to go without know most about the importance of helping others.

I have amazing friends.

I have amazing friends.

Over the past few weeks they’ve texted me that they want to help some of our HopeLink clients with special needs this holiday season.

Following our chats, so far they’ve gifted a new mini-van, ten new sets of queen sheets, $1,860 in grocery gift cards, and an obscene amount of cash for kids’ Christmas presents when the parents don’t have extra money.

And in every instance, they insisted on remaining anonymous.

I don’t know about you, but something like that is something everyone needs to hear about this time of year.