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Our simple conversation about happiness took a wide turn into serendipity.

While sharing lists of what makes us happy, I had a profound epiphany. All our happy scenarios were circumstantial, based on fortunate events and lovely experiences that either happened around us, to us, or were otherwise created by us to experience and enjoy in brief. It occurred to me “that’s a lot of work for some fleeting bliss ultimately dependent on the next one.”

To be continuously happy requires effort and exposure to things outside ourselves while being ‘content’ is a taskless, unavoidable state of peace within our circumstances whatever they are. Happiness is merely the ! at the end while contentment is the sentence before it we need not work to write simply because we let it fall into place, discovering serendipity is full of wonder and beauty, and exactly what our conversation that evening had very happily become.

among us

Some people don’t know when to stop.
They offer without an ask, buy before a need, don’t give or take no for an answer and expect nothing in return. They world’s not their oyster, but rather their responsibility. Their gifts are for more than just holidays, life is their only prize and they consider each new morning a personal canvas for their fine art of being human. They create masterpieces in secret for needy people they’ve never even met and surprise unsuspecting strangers from their bottomless benevolent hearts. They neither demand nor expect the same for themselves living by intuition, conscience, faith and opportunity. Their deeds are oft mistaken for angels and tiny pieces of heaven on earth, which of course, they are. They know no different and don’t know when to stop because indeed, this is what they were wonderfully made to do.
And someday. when you meet one, they will either change your life forever or inspire you to follow.