Monthly Archives: February 2018

It’s Quitting Time.

I’m liking not stinking
And each hour not thinking
I need to step out for a bit.
Now my life has no flame
And it’s no longer a shame
Cuz I’m really too smart for this shit.

I’m enjoying my breathing
Without all the wheezing
And sleeping much better too.
Sure  liking the $avings
Without all the cravings
And the cash I’d been going through.

Just got tired of choking
On the brand I was smoking
And finally said enough is enough.
It’s been several weeks
And my longest of streaks
And it’s nice to be out of the rough.

One day at a time’s
Been a bit of a climb
But I’m happier without the puff.
To my friends who’re still smoking
Slowly dying and croaking
Put it out, put it down, get tough!