Monthly Archives: September 2015

the uninvited.

Uninvited, he slipped in. Undetected.
It could have been any unguarded entry but at this point, it didn’t matter.
He was unwelcome.
But he was insidious.
Scanning the surroundings, looking for place and opportunity, he found both.
It was there he began his evil conversion, enveloping others, a serial killer, slow enough to go without notice, fast enough to do the job.
His host: clueless.
His strategy was brilliant. He was a fast mover, acting like he owned the place, which indeed, given time, he would.
All seemed to be okay for a while, but he would soon become the most feared and hated guest at the party, and far from the life of it.
The silent intruder gained momentum and his impact was first noticed on that Friday morning by a man in white who recognized him and called out his name for the first time to my father, who was told this party would soon be over.

This coming Friday, Mike Miller will have been gone from our family for his first year. Ultimately, the invader was unsuccessful, for dad’s legend and legacy are still very much alive and celebrating at a party which never ends and where every guest was invited.

Life means so much.
Accept the invitation.