Monthly Archives: October 2021

Old days.

Ain’t seen nor spoke in many years and here we meet again, Reunion weekend’s at our door, it’s good to see you, friend.

So many things of which to chat and follow up with you, Like kids and family, where you’ve been and how life’s treated you.

Let’s talk of old and reminisce and laugh out loud at stuff, Swapping stories, jokes and pics we’ll never get enough.

The hundred bucks we paid for this is worth it all for sure, No talk of pains and politics for which we have no cure.

We’ve a history that unites us and memories to upend, Our weekend here together so glad we all can spend.

And when we part, say our goodbyes and vow to keep in touch, Our takeaways of high school days again will mean so much.

There was a time.

There was a time when peoples’ politics defined much of who they were—morals, character, virtues, fund of knowledge, their understanding of complicated world events and their personal empathies. Their beliefs weren’t always agreeable but were at least well-defended by deep roots and informed convictions.
Disagreements were conversation points revealing sharp differences but with respect for the other person and a craving for depth and understanding of their opposing view and discussions were exited without driving wedges or assaults on character.
They were deliberate, genuine attempts at bridge building though neither one might admit it in the moment.
To understand another’s fundamental politics was a desire to understand the entirety of the person. Conversations weren’t punctuated by sound bytes, innuendo or irrelevant arguments of the periphery. They weren’t permitted a hiatus on vague or shallow arguments and were always less about the party and more about the mind and heart of the person.
The end game was to evolve new ideas and solutions for all rather than digression into single issues of personal preference with feet dug in. They embraced ‘what-ifs’ not as threats but as the creative bridges they were and ‘why-nots’ as opportunities to lay new stones for a unifying path, not for casting at one another across their divide.
Indeed, they were dialogues of dream-builders engaged in the pursuit of a better life, a better world and prosperous opportunity for the all versus the one.
Meaningful change awaits those who firmly grasp the fact that under the veneer, what we all want has more in common than not, and in many ways, is much the same thing.