Don Miller

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the home page to the “Older Stories” link as many of my best are there, including my own testimony and recovery.  Thanks!

A lifetime Las Vegas resident and  father of three grown children, Don spent 15 years as a licensed psychotherapist and speaker in private and hospital practices. Prior, he was part owner of an award-winning family advertising agency.  Having fallen into addiction to crystal methamphetamine several years ago, losing everything to the drug, he has been clean since 9/4/11 and more sober about life with each passing day. The stories and content of this site are the accumulating epiphanies of his journey into sobriety, shared here to inspire others, especially those who remain embroiled in addictive battles of their own. LifeMeansSoMuch, the song title by Chris Rice (and  you are highly encouraged to download it on ITunes or YouTube,) is the lyrical inspiration for the content of this site.  Don is currently  a life coach, author, speaker and teacher and is available for individual or group coaching sessions and speaking engagements. His first book is in progress.

All materials featured on this site are copyrighted and available for use and reproduction with his consent only.

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  1. Don, I think I was guided to your page by some Angel or God himself. I don’t think it was just coincidence. When I read your story I was blown away. I had no clue nor could I ever imagine what you went through. It’s amazing how that awful drug took over our lives and for so many, it is forever. It takes a special individual to combat the hell that meth takes us to. You were always such a gentleman full of class and goodhearted that, again, I think we are still in touch for reasons other than coincidence. Why did I choose to go to website today? I don’t know, or maybe I do.

  2. Donny; this could be your best yet. I had forgotten how beautiful your poetic writing could be. After a crazy weekend, this is just what I needed to read. Thank you!

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