unfinished business.

Be humbly confident in who God created you to be.

A favorite leadership podcaster, Craig Groeschel, posted this and I paused to check if I believed him.

I listen to a dozen different podcasts every day through which I have learned a ton about life, love, leadership and a bunch of random facts to impress others if ever inclined.

But this one made me take pause.

At 63, I’m disappointed.

I know that by my final breath, I may have filled my purpose in being born but might not be fulfilled in doing so. I have way too many unwritten stories, a couple impossible reconciliations yet to make, and more refinements in my character than time on my hands will ever permit.

Be humbly confident in who God created you to be.

I’ve few problems with the humility part but zero self-confidence that I’m anywhere close to the summit of achieving who I was created to be.

But does anyone?

Living is full of unfinished business, and I’m confident of only one thing, that unfinished business may be just what keeps us moving on.