Christmas Eve

It could have gone very poorly but it was Christmas eve at the market and I was getting a few last minute things and the checkout lines were record length. I chose Lynda’s line because she’s always been helpful in many ways.

Fifth in the line of 10 or more, directly behind me, number 6 began complaining and her rant of impatience was desperately looking for support among the ranks. But nobody was biting.

“I can’t believe…blah…blah” she continued.

And as if we’d rehearsed it, we all began talking among ourselves about the joys of the holidays, how Lynda was our favorite checker and we all made light of it when the receipt tape ran out on number 2, the gift cards didn’t validate on number 3 and number 4 could get two more 12 packs for free on the promotion though he didn’t speak enough English to understand her. Number 8 chimed in with a translation and we all laughed and waited for the box boy to return with his other two.

All except number 6. She stood there fuming.

No matter how busy this holiday season, keep your cool, keep your joy, wish Merry Christmas to all numbers 1-10 and say a little prayer for the number sixes who just aren’t there yet.