and you woke up too early but you aren’t really too tired so

you redeem the time and get some things done you’ve meant to

for a long time.

and the coffee is just the right blend of creamer and sugar.

and the dogs hurry up and pee without you coaching them

and a call comes in from a longtime friend with no agenda

and it’s perfect timing because you have an hour left to kill before work.

and work isn’t all that much work like you thought it would be today.

It was actually kind of fun and inspiring

and you notice that your vitamins and breakfast really helped keep you going.

and you get off a little early unexpectedly

and your car isn’t making that sound this afternoon like it always does

and the traffic which should be nuts, just isn’t this time

and you get home to your pup who’s extra clingy and kissy

and you realize you have some pretty good leftovers for dinner

and there’s actually a good movie you’ve wanted to see on TV

and while you don’t drink, an eggnog and brandy sounds good

and surprisingly, you get the mix just right

and someone wants to play fetch again

and he wants to cuddle just at the time the movie is starting

and you don’t remember much of the movie because you fell asleep

and you dreamed you were flying

and you woke up and crawled into the freshly washed linens from this morning

and you thought how the day was pretty wonderful

and you curled up that pillow just right

and you notice

that what you took notice of today

is what happened

and you fell asleep.


It’s not magic.

It’s an Aramaic phrase meaning

“I create what I speak.”

When you begin noticing how blessed you really are and you search for signs of it through your day, speak them out and you will create a pretty magical day for yourself every day.