a close call with a defibrillator

Out of ICU after a near miss with a defibrillator yesterday. Not the original reason for admission but perhaps a red herring. Triglycerides down to 400 vs 2000+. Going for a stress test this morning. Maybe home. Good spirits and new awakenings abound from the past 6 days here, the greatest of which was waking up to another day, another sunrise, another chance to dance. #thanksforthelove

Well, your love and prayers brought me home from the hospital last night after an ordeal that logically should not have.

So many first hand nursing accounts of young dead COVID patients in the ICU hall next door was sobering to say the very least. I was in bad shape but my mountains were rolling hills in comparison to the desperation only 300 feet away I could occasionally hear when those sealed double doors opened. Some called it ‘the tomb’ while others called codes on the dead and dying.

There are indeed heroes inside those walls whose dedication to serve others seemingly outpaces their own need to survive.

Until there is a better solution, wear a mask. Keep your distance. Keep hope alive.