A brush with depth.

I once knew a man who had a serious brush with depth, failed to resurface, lost his life and, thank God, was never the same again.

Each of us is given one, perhaps two moments in a lifetime to dramatically change course if we want it bad enough, have vision to notice the opportunity and the courage to act upon it.

This world would have us believe that succumbing to the shallows is the only safe existence. Never venturing into unknown waters, we risk dying without discovery of our purpose or the endowment of a superpower which equips us to see past the drivel of the commonplace and into the extraordinary unknown.

For too many, the price is too high, but for the priceless few fortunate enough to hear the call and take the leap, turning back becomes an unconscionable act of self-loathing in the prisons of the if onlys.

Deepest change costs every cent you own, allocating your wealth to those with little, making you rich in the process of enriching the lives of others.

Don’t fall into the lie that goes no deeper, reaches no further and leaves you like a child on the beach afraid of the water…
because I once knew a man…