5 years

9:30am five years ago today I answered the phone of the second chance. So many wrong turns I’d taken had shaken me from a promising rise on the ladder of life down to the bottom rung for nine months as a highly educated janitor, thankful for the work but terribly underemployed. I accepted a job challenged with making a critical difference in the lives of the elderly and underserved and now direct Nevada’s largest privately funded program of senior advocacy and the undisputed model for senior outreach in Nevada providing critical services at no cost to move forgotten elderly out of poverty with dignity, respect, love and compassion. HopeLink took a chance on me to change my normal and redeemed me from my own dismal fall, a gift for which I’m forever thankful, especially today. It has enabled me to write and share countless happy ending stories of a generation I serve and whose own normal I now help to change.
Never say die. Never.