Tomorrow will be a lucky day

If all goes well, tomorrow will be a very lucky day for some very unlucky people.
It may be Friday the 13th, the fear (triskaidekaphobia,) of which fuels cynics, skeptics and worry-wart sticks-in-the-mud who lack vision, hope and strong attachment to a dream, but really, who cares?
Call it superstitious fun, but if you’ll get on board, bring your black cat and let’s walk under some ladders together in defiance.
Are you with me?
Though this is home to Lady Luck, there are plenty to whom she hasn’t been so kind. I know first hand. Every day they sit in front of me desperate and in tears. Hungry, homeless, old and looking to make normal lives for themselves with the time they have left.
Truth is, as luck and statistics would have it, bad things happen to good people all the time.
A medical emergency, unexpected job loss, a family crisis, a criminal act…we all have a better than even chance of becoming victims. So, essentially, luck plays little part, except for those of us who, fortunately, keep beating the odds against the odds.
I expect if you’ve read this far, you’re a reasonably compassionate person. You care what happens to others– even strangers –and to the extent you are able, you’re inclined to help people out of pits into which they have unexpectedly fallen. You have a heart.
I work for a place that changes the normal of thousands of people each year who are down on their luck but could get back on track and be self-sufficient for the price of your lunch today or your coffee tomorrow.
HopeLink of Southern Nevada delivers to unlucky but deserving people who just need a break and time enough to get back on their feet.
Between right now and the stroke of midnight tonight, or over your coffee in the morning, your computer and a credit card can bring good fortune to a lot of people come tomorrow.
Are you with me?
Here’s where you go:
Let’s put an end to hunger, homelessness… and triskaidekaphobia.