You can do it.

I’m liking not stinking
And each hour thinking
I need to step out for a bit.
I’m liking not flaming
Coming in feeling shaming
I’m really too smart for this sh*t.

I’m enjoying my breathing
Without all the wheezing
I’m sleeping so much better too.
And liking the savings
Without all the cravings
And the cash I’d been going through.

Just got tired of choking
On the brand I was smoking
And finally said enough is enough.
Now it’s more than a week
And I’m now on a streak
And hope soon to be out of the rough.

One day at a time
It’s a bit of a climb
But I’m happier without the puff.
So to my friends still smoking
Slowly dying and croaking
Put it out, put ‘em down and get tough!