What do couples do?

It’s been so long since I was two

I’ve forgotten exactly what couples do.

Hold hands in bed?

Watch the other one poo?

I really don’t know what couples do. 


Do they talk all night?

Is their love still true?

Now it’s all so different,

I wish I knew,

The kinds of things that couples do. 


Do they spend their Saturdays in the park?

Do they cuddle closely in the dark?

Do they still snuggle and coo

Like I used to?

Now I’ve no idea what couples do.


Spend their last red cent

Showing all that they’ve meant

To each other all of their years?

Do they know how they’re feeling?

Pray together while kneeling?

Do they still wipe away their tears?


Do couples still do what couples did

When each one was just one?

Or are coupling folk

Of which I’ve spoke

Now just one without a sum?


I’d like to know what couples do

Because one day it may be,

That again I become one

With another someone

And getting it right is important to me.