the transcendental generation

A transcendental generation.

That’s what they’re called. The 80 and 90 year olds of today whose entire lives have been grounded in a spiritual belief that their existence will matter beyond the grave.

The last of a staple subculture whose coming of age helped to create a proud, stable nation bridled by unwavering faith, truth, and unlimited vision.

Today, too many murmuring others quietly hope this is their last hurrah as first-hand witnesses to decades of cultural decline and technological incline which, together, leaves us on the doorstep to the decade of their last goodbye.

They’ve been a generation who viewed hardship as a life expectation and survival as God-ordained.

Will we miss them?

Future generations will never fully understand their contributions which are certainly destined to be categorically erased, canceled by generations that follow. The now 60 and 70 year old children like me are all that remain fighting against hope to keep their memories alive and the convictions of their generation transcendent, because indeed, that’s what they are.

And to us, they will always be.