the biggest jackpot of all

That’s it. I’m starting a lottery.The odds of us winning are 100%.Not only do you win, but so does everyone around you.Everyone puts in $20 and promises to spend it on all of us.When the numbers are called and the winners awarded, you begin to notice some serious changes all around you. Your life changes.Everyone’s life changes.Half of the winnings don’t go to taxes right off the top because it’s a private venture.$500 million dollars….all of it…is spent on direct transformation of your surroundings. Overnight, every person in your city suddenly has a place to live, food to eat and a job to work.Your quality of life drastically improves.Your business booms. Everyone’s business booms.Your income skyrockets.Shelters close for lack of homeless.Food banks close for lack of need.Your family is safer, crime is rare.Parks are plentiful, streets are clear,and you notice people are a lot happier for the $20.Are you in?If you’re willing to spend $20 on a long shot,aren’t you willing to spend $20 on a sure thing?