So many whys.

I wander the streets with nowhere to go,

No roof or shelter from winds that blow.

With belly growls and hair of mange

I scour for scraps, I find loose change.

Just a young woman, lost and alone,

With dreams and aspirations entirely unknown.

I never thought I’d end up like this,

With no one to turn to, no one to miss.

Nights are frightening as dignities are sold

From doorway professions by others more bold.

Commuters rush by in their busy lives,

Ignoring my pleas and deaf to my cries.

Yet still I hold fast to a glimmer and cope

And someday I’ll find a messenger of hope.

To rise from the ashes of this daily despair,

And find some place to be loved and perhaps even spared.

But for now I keep walking these streets on my own

With hopes for someday a place to call home.

Until then I’ll fight to just stay alive

With dreams intact, yet so many whys.

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