remembering Allison

She swore us to secrecy but while she’s now gone, she’s not to be forgotten for her many generous acts of service. Allison called me last December and said she wanted to share some kindness with a HopeLink client in great need. I shared one very sad case in particular and after we both cried a little on the phone, she was off and running. She shared her own Christmas Jar with this family under the cover of night, placing it on the doorstep, ringing their bell, then running off. The next day, our client phoned her case manager in tears saying someone had left her a $400 jar of coins on the porch, which coincidentally was the past due amount on the family’s power bill. Allison’s secret gesture that evening just before Christmas kept the power on for her family and started them all back to church once again with a renewed belief there is indeed a God who provides. Allison, you earned your angel wings well before you left this earth and your secret is now out, but those who knew you won’t be surprised at all. #whatagal