notes over the coronavirus freakend.

These efforts to stop the virus are at the very least counterintuitive. Humans are programmed to expect that a deliberate action is supposed to create or build something that will thrive. To act now to create the exact opposite result seems entirely unrewarding and counterintuitive to our very nature. It’s a new way of thinking toward a solution for so many but a smart and necessary one. #thenewnormal

Every end is a new beginning, and the backside of these events will have unimaginable takeaways to address and resolve. The calendars and economies of every household, community, state and industry will necessarily restructure to recover the losses, consequences and fallout. So when this event has subsided, voluntary, peaceful, patient cooperation will be more necessary than ever. Unprecedented times. Unprecedented measures. Unprecedented consequences.
But we are Americans, an unprecedented nation of overcomers who can show the world how it’s done if we will replace selfish ways with generous ones and welcome a new normal. Adapt and change, emerge and thrive again.

The past 72 hours has changed our way of life more than anyone ever imagined and more is coming faster than most will be able or willing to process or unfortunately for some, believe. Apathetic underreaction and panicked overreaction are now strange bedfellows—both enemies of a solution that can save lives and preserve sanities at a fraction of the cost we might otherwise pay to our future. Be smart and do your part so we can look back on these awful times more sooner than later. Adapt, change, live and thrive.