Lonely hearts club

Many of you are familiar with what became my last date for Valentine’s Day…

She said she had another date lined up, but now he couldn’t make it. So I mustered the courage at the last minute and asked if she wouldn’t mind spending Valentine’s day dinner with me. I’m single. She’s single. Neither of us had plans nor love interests on nearby horizons, so when she jumped at my invitation, I knew we were gonna be a great match.

She was a little shorter and older than my usual type, but knowing I was dateless and she was available, I couldn’t pass up the chance to spend the evening with this beautiful woman. As it turned out, we ended up spending the entire day together. I came by with a morning flower and we sipped fancy coffee together. I also brought some authentic German pastries. She had a beautiful smile, even through the crumbs.

We talked through a few cups about so many things while the time passed, and shared so much of what we had in common. Her eyes were soft, her home immaculate, and her colorful walls were full of life, love and important memories. Particularly fond of her stories of family and friends, she made us both laugh and cry at the same time. She was a wealth of remembrances and nostalgia wrapped up in a pretty little Valentine’s dress for the occasion.

The day wore on into afternoon and I helped her with some things she hadn’t been able to reach, replace nor repair in quite some time. She hadn’t had a man around the house for a few years now so I tried to show off a little by doing chores she couldn’t and getting dirty for tasks she wouldn’t. I rather enjoyed impressing her and she was every shade of thankful. I love that in a woman.

In the car, I’d placed a wrapped box of her favorite See’s candy on her seat as a surprise, and her appreciation was absolutely glowing. Given the month and the day, neither of us seemed very alarmed at the love and care we obviously had for one another. Admittedly, the holiday was a little awkward for both of us in our own ways, but throwing caution to the wind, we warmed up to the idea and I kissed her on the cheek.

I’d chosen a nearby restaurant where we ate by candlelight and talked and laughed about all the other couples in the room. We watched one young couple get engaged right then and there and we both shed happy tears at the sight. I love that in her.

So, with our dreamy Valentine’s Day coming to a close, I drove her home and walked her to her door where we promised we’d see each other again. And I hugged her and kissed her goodnight on the cheek again.

And as she walked in and turned out the light, I said “I had a wonderful time. I’m sorry he couldn’t make it. I miss him too, but I’m glad I could spend this day with you, Mom.”

She smiled. “Me too, Donnie. Thanks for a fun Valentine’s day. Drive home carefully.”