my job.

I use words and facts to get money.
For me, the words come easy. Persuasive facts are a little harder to assemble.
As a grant writer, I need both.

Securing funding for our work to make a real difference in this world of homelessness is what I do every day. It means finding good-hearted donors with an interest in our mission and giving them what they want: a compelling argument to put their money where it will make verifiable change in this world, with the data and evidence to back it up.

The words come easy when your nonprofit performance record writes itself.

You see, our programs are all evidence-based and provide real solutions to homelessness and its associated problems.

Our team finds and houses hundreds of seniors, kids, and families each month. We provide them with food, clothing, and basic needs. We help them secure sustainable employment income. And we provide them new hope for a better life ahead where they won’t need to depend on anyone else again.
Perhaps best of all, at least for me, we can prove our results.

With all that in my back pocket, I think I may just have the easiest and most personally fulfilling job in the world.