When my kids were much younger, there were times when we were apart.  They were at camp, I was away on business or some other reason placed us in different locations on this big planet.

When you love someone, that nagging sensation of wanting to be with them when apart is a hard one to bridge.  A phone call, an email or a text message is good but I think the most meaningful bridge we used was the moon.

“At 900pm, straight up, before we go to bed, go outside and look up at the moon.  I’ll do the same. Think of me and I’ll think of you. Talk to me and I’ll talk to you.  We’ll let the moonbeams be our silent special messenger to each other.”

Its 3am and I’m thinking of someone right now as I stare up into the sky.  I can’t be there with you though I long to be.  I can only imagine and hope that maybe…just maybe, you might be awake, step outside, look up  and hear me say I love you.