In this thousand piece puzzle I call my life, it’s clear that what I’m creating bears no resemblance to the image on the box. Perhaps that’s why it’s been so difficult to piece together.  So, I have learned to stop looking at the picture for guidance to my progress.  Nowadays, I just keep my focus on the remains in the pile before me. Through trial and error, some of the most beautiful portions of my life are in the misfitted pieces. I’ve come to realize that it was never God’s intent for me to create someone else’s image of what my life was supposed to look like but rather be the divinely pieced mosaic of my own creation. So, I will continue to enjoy the challenges along the way until I reach the end.  At 999,  the final piece will be an obvious fit and I will finally enter my rest.

And like a proud father,  God will frame it and hang it in the heavens for everyone to marvel at, because he will have a new artist on staff.

But meanwhile, I will be creating a little masterpiece down here outside the box.

Happy Easter everyone.

I hope you find your finest piece this Easter morning and put together something beautiful in your life.