Meanwhile in the tomb…

Hey, wake up.

–Hi, I can’t sleep.

So let’s talk about tomorrow.

–Can’t you see I’m a little wrapped up right now?

I can’t see a thing, it’s pitch black in here.

–Well get your glow on, Dad. Do that ‘On The First Day’ thing again.

That’s better. O.M.Me! What in heaven’s name have they done to you!?

–Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

Oh mercy, you need a shower. Let’s get you back to normal.

–Dad, here on out, things aren’t gonna be very normal anymore.

Oh yeah, tomorrow’s Our big day.

–Yeah, everyone’s.

Here’s a new outfit. Mary will be here sooner than We think.

–Right, then all hell breaks loose, and you-know-who’s gonna be mad for all eternity.

Yeah, We fixed that. He’s toast. Literally.

–Okay, I’m up. Let’s get busy.

Aren’t you eggcited about tomorrow?!

–That’s one horrible Dad joke.

(To be continued)