I’m not online, in a tweet or on a post in Facebook.
I’m not at the store, don’t shop from home or at the mall at all.
I’m not on the road, in the car, catching a bus or ride to anywhere.
I’m not at work, on the job, working hard or hard at work.
I’m not at a movie, out to eat, at a friend’s or having a drink.
I’m not around and nobody is looking.

I am invisible.

I haven’t much time, but enough for you.
Rich in history and stories true.
I haven’t much money, but I’ll give to you
A rich adventure before I’m through
If you seek me out with time to spend
To make me visible before the end.

And you might find that I am priceless.

Enrich your life. Make a new friend and hear their story.

Friday August 21st is National Senior Citizen’s  Day.