I’d like to think

I’d like to think

That all my friends

Who’ve met their ends

Caught flights to the heavens

And into the arms of a loving God

Now walk their streets of gold in wait for others like me.

I’d like to think

The best of them all

That it wasn’t the fall

Which took them down

To that fiery second death

For lack of belief in something and someone so much better.

I’d like to think

There are exceptions

And blessed receptions

For good people and nice folks

Who hoped that was enough

And paved their way with good intentions.

I’d like to think

I did my part

To win their heart

For One who saves

From eternal graves

To live the one and only life that truly matters.

I’d like to think

It all works out

And yet I doubt

It does or will for those who believed

Forever deceived by the lies of this world and now exist

No more.

And while I’d like to think I will miss you forever

no doubt I surely will.