I wonder.

I wonder if they’ll wonder why
I never ever said good bye.
I’m not around and out of touch
Nothing nowhere, not so much.

I wonder if they’ll wonder where
I’ve clearly vanished to thin air.
Or look and see I’m not around
And hear me not, and can’t be found.

I wonder if they’ll wonder how
I took my leave without a bow.
Or disappeared without a trace
And left no tear on no one’s face.

I wonder if they’ll wonder when
I might be coming back again.
Like absences that reappear,
Not very likely, this is clear.

I wonder if they’ll wonder if
At six feet under when I’m stiff
I’ve gone away to heaven’s gate
With earnest hope for them to wait.

I wonder who will wonder then
Or think of things which might have been
Or wonder not, their life resume
To wonder things they just presume.

I wonder if I’ll even wonder
In that sleep to think and ponder
Thoughts like these I left behind
Or in their slumber never mind.

Or if and when and how and why
It even matters when I die?
But wonder not where I have gone,
Rejoice instead I’m finally home.