Hurry, someone call Maslow!

We now have compelling evidence that people need more to survive in this world than food, water and shelter. If these findings are true, Maslow will need to amend his hierarchy, science its premises, and boardrooms across the globe will rewrite employee manuals to embrace this new 4th force. The food pyramid, the flow chart, Venn diagrams, dietary labels, nothing is sacred here forward.

In huge numbers, people are dying to laugh.

Save yo wife, save yo children, malnutrition of the funny bone isn’t funny. It’s the new killer and literally, no joking matter. A high stress diet low in humor recently caused pile ups of 150 million viewers on YouTube to hear “The Laugh of the Chewbacca Mom” and other sillinessesess. Countless workplace millions daily risk it all for a single bellyful of breakroom laughter behind closed doors while cutting their cheese.

It’s time to come out.

HR departments take notice. A laugh at work beats a tiny raise hands down. Scrolling masses bring daily side dishes of giggles to share with other afflicted coworkers, and the sick are again discovering the healing truth that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine.

Since the 1950s, researchers have known that three episodes of I Love Lucy are more effective than a shaker full of Prozac. People everywhere are dying to laugh.
So if it seems life is a joke these days, the remedy before us is also within us, with equal access for gay, straight, transgendered, transfigured, and those who just want the right to pee in the stall of their choice.

So rise up, raise your memes, post your funnies and someone call an emergency summit to permanently revise the hierarchy so we can finally Make America Great Again.

We can’t survive without humor, the new 4th force.

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