Good at the expense of perfect.

In the end, some days are just mediocre.
You may say you gave it your best, but deep down you know it wasn’t.
You could have done more or done better, but the net result was that it was just ‘okay’ enough to get it done and, to your credit, still likely more than most would do.
Settling on some point between sensational and satisfactory is a dissatisfying dysphoria for otherwise truly exceptional performers. Despite rationalizing about how insanely too busy you were to give it your all, the day ended leaving you wondering “maybe there’s a better way” so you don’t risk that gradual spiraling trajectory down to a “just okay” standard as concession to accomplish all you must.
This dilemma is everyone’s and the case for pretty much everything noble to which we set our minds and passions. Enter zealous with good intentions…exit disappointed with less than enthusiastic results.
It’s human to be a critic of what you missed and also human to miss critical parts of what you did well. Mediocrity is neither aspiration nor inspiration, but sometimes, it just is.
And without a few of life’s mediocre moments, our shining ones wouldn’t look so shiny.