from someone on the inside

A couple days before the holiday is probably the worst time to ask what you can do to help. The best charitable efforts to assist and serve the least fortunate among us are usually conceived, funded, orchestrated and staffed months prior. You wouldn’t decide to throw a birthday party for your kid a couple days before the big day, would you? Nonetheless, everyone wants a piece of that good giving feeling this time of year. Still, nonprofits and soup kitchens, struggling ten months straight for consistent help and support, often have many last minute offers to place and fill during the holidays to help families and kids learn something more about how other families and kids live. Every parent strives to find a teaching moment this time of year but sometimes walk away disappointed when there’s no room for them at the inn because everyone else also wants to use this time as a teaching tool.
You know what would help?
Choosing another month during the year for your family. How about March? Or September? Maybe sign up to serve in the heat of mid-July when the kids are out of school and can see first hand what it’s like to be homeless and hungry in the desert heat or cold of winter? Bring money you and the kids have saved for this experience all year long. Every other month longs to be a November or December for those who need a roof, a meal, good cheer and some hope.
Just an idea from someone on the inside. And not a bad one, methinks. But hey, anytime you’re willing to spread the love is a good time, sooner or later.