Equality is relative.

With all that’s going on these days, I’m not entirely convinced the question is whether we are all indeed equal, but rather, do we actually aspire to be?
Hear me out. I’ll be brief.
While we publicly abhor practices that promote differentiation from one another, at the same time behind the scenes, we are actively differentiating ourselves from one another, climbing ladders from lower rungs onto those higher, more distinguished or better regarded by society.
Like it or not, more measures of success in American culture still lie squarely in the value of being better than, with little to no reward earned for actually being equal. The climb crosses race, sex and all other classifications.
Those less successful at the climb are underfoot to the more accomplished climbers of a society disgustingly compelled to prove it with titles, money, power and prestige afforded by the present distance of their earned position from where they once began. Chances of the two ever meeting are reduced and subsequently, lines between the two are consequently more clearly defined.
Maybe what we really need is a better means of measuring achievement that’s not in light of being relative to that of another. Then inspire and equip people solely to be better climbers. Equality may be less about the height attained and more about progress made from where each begins his own adventure.
Just my thoughts.