Dreams are nothing to be ashamed of, but you can learn a lot about yourself from them.

No, it wasn’t a crazy X-rated one but it might as well had been from the way I felt waking up. The circumstance was benign, simple and harmless but I was caught lying red-handed and yet I continued to lie like a six-year old school boy. Though I was a parent, I persisted in putting on what was such an unconvincing act of innocence that as my lie deepened I even indicted my kids as the culprits. I’d defended what was a hand-in-the-cookie jar infraction as if it were a felony with pending prison time. Fake tears shed for my guilty heart hoping I’d be believed and vindicated. It was such a truly disgusting act on my part, even now I feel I should go rip my shirt and confess to someone. So here we are.

Bad way to start a Monday.

Two mugs of coffee brought me back to my senses but clearly, the moment you pride yourself to be so far beyond such a dastardly deed is the very moment you will be shown its sinner with the darkest of hearts willing to sacrifice others in your path and even so, willing to take a simple lie to your own fiery grave.