Come as you are.

We get more than our share of odd and unusual folks at my church located in a highly traveled homeless neighborhood. Many show up at services looking for a hand up or a hand out and we’re happy to oblige and get them resources to begin their path out of a life of drugs and danger on the streets.

Today, during one of those conversations, a man asked me if I was ready to die today. I told him that was an unusual way of greeting someone when hi-how are you would’ve been just fine. But as I said, it’s sometimes a strange crowd. He pressed on with his greeting and I consented that if it was my day, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

For him, living on the street, I suppose it must be a question he asks himself more than once every morning so perhaps it was well-intentioned.

I invited him in and he was welcomed by everyone. I suppose that’s what I enjoy most here.

‘Come as you are’ is a real thing.