Coincidences happen every day for those who believe in them.
You pull over with a flat tire and seconds later there’s a massive pileup at the next intersection. You find a $50 rebate check and an unexpected $50 invoice on the same trip to the mailbox. The difference lies in your perspective. Is it just chance or might some other force be at work on your behalf?

The simple minded view them as mere chance with no room for divine explanation. The former offers no chance to change the outlook on your day ahead while the latter gifts you hope and optimism that perhaps you’re not so alone in this world, and a better than even chance to begin your day with a distinct possibility there’s more to this life than meets the eye.

What might be pure chance, might also be providential. We may never know, but one perspective sends you on your way having gained nothing yet with the other, you gain everything and an optimism for the next coincidence to cross your path.
Ascribe your next coincidence to providence and you’ll have nothing to lose, and just maybe, everything to gain.