thoughts & prayers & other non sequiturs.

You march holding signs in vigils without prayer,
News clips and sound bytes from celebrities on air.
Take a moment of silence or a ribbon to wear,
Make heartfelt appearances to show you were there.

Do something symbolic that others will see,
But skirt any substance, lest it benefits thee.
Caught up in your rallies, and causes and claims,
You can’t cough up a dollar, but divvy up blame.

Thumbs up on a post or a heart if you dare,
Stopping short of much more lest they think you might care.
Scroll on appeased by an internet kitten,
Don’t linger too long or you might be smitten.

The best we have mustered is never enough,
To make any difference for all of this fluff.
It’s time we got dirty, dug in, made a difference,
Instead of performing this charade of indifference.

Now go get all butt hurt and claim I attack,
But let’s turn the tables and I’ll give it right back.
We lie and we know we will likely do nothing,
While conversely proclaiming “It’s time we did something!”