awake in your dreams.

You never really stop worrying about your kids even when they’re adults. It’s like you wear for them a heart monitor that goes off at all times of the day and night alerting you to pray for them right now. I just woke from a nightmare about my kids and my fatherly superstition alerted me to take pause. At 1 am I can’t risk a text or a call but I can always risk a prayer. They’re unaware I spend these times tuning the dial into their private channels to see if they might be hurt, happy, worried, in harm’s way or just in secret want of something no one else may understand, save one who’s known them since before they were born. No need to teach them this parental peculiarity. They learn this phenomenon all by themselves as our own grandkids are away at school, asleep down their hall, or on a midnight road of crazy drivers protected only by the angels we’ve dispatched to their mercy on our knees from our 1am bedsides. They may be all grown up but they’ll never outgrow our rightful duties and responsibilities to worry psychically and to silently intervene as I am, and perhaps you are too right now at this very moment.