Consider the Geode


Consider the geode.

A geode is a hollow mass of mineral matter forming from gas bubbles or water-deposited minerals. The minerals which, over time, create the beautiful crystals in the interior of a geode, are present at its formation and leach into the center.  After rock around the cavity hardens, dissolved minerals are deposited on the inside surface. Over time, this slow feed of mineral constituents allows crystals to form inside the hollow chamber.

Beauty is only skin deep.

Daily, we encounter truly attractive people. Those with perfectly symmetrical features, great genes, sculptured faces and curves in all the right places.  Our society idolizes them. Some, in efforts to be more physically attractive, use botox, reconstructive surgeries, implants and other medical and cosmetic procedures to get that “born this way” look.

The  truly attractive person, however, is like a geode.

While they may or may not be among the more beautiful earthly creatures, they possess inner virtues at  conception  Over time, a slow, steady seepage of the dissipating outer beauty moves inward to the soul.  Their most sparkling physical features fade with age but are not lost at all.  They are richly transformed.

What may have once been young and beautiful on the outside,,

over time and with virtuous ingredients,

makes  truly handsome young  people absolutely gorgeous old people.

And when you get close enough to look inside, you see it.